Caribe Royale Orlando Expansion

Orlando, FL


The project design for the Caribe Royale Convention Center featured eight surreal soffits with skylights spanning a diameter of 52 feet, creating a stunning effect. The multiple radiuses called for in the plans demanded efficiency and precision to fulfill the designer’s vision. To construct the six stepped ellipse-shaped soffits, craftsmen worked with radius points to bend large metal pieces to meet the specs. The soffits were detailed and prefabricated to the highest quality using the PanelMax machine.

Interior work also included installation of acoustical and GFRG panels for the 85,000 square foot ballroom, pre-function area, lobby and mezzanine level. Each elevation included the installation of four GFRG pieces and was completed with a level 5 finish to appear as one panel. As the new construction abutted to the existing convention center, detailed craftsmanship was essential on the interior finish to create a seamless transition.

Similar challenges were faced with the exterior using plaster and EIFS to transition the roof between the new construction and existing convention center. Exterior work included  metal framing, sheathing, waterproofing, stucco, foam shapes and direct applied EIFS.

In its first time working for Williams Company, a general contractor recognized for its exceptional 100-year history in construction, KHS&S delivered complex soffits, prefabrication and interior and exterior finishes to meet the highest standards.

The expanded Caribe Royale Convention Center is an economic catalyst for Central Florida and expected to drive more than 400,000 conventioneers a year to the Orlando area.

Interior Services

  • Metal studs and framing
  • Drywall
  • Drywall finish
  • Radius ceilings
  • 8 multi-tiered soffits

Exterior Services

  • Metal framing
  • Sheathing
  • Waterproofing
  • Stucco
  • Foam shapes
  • EIFS

Award Winner:  ABC Eagle Award 2021