Baha Bay

Baha Mar Resort, Nassau, Bahamas

Rockwork and Theming Scopes Delivered Through Expert Planning, Modeling and Scheduling

Nestled between the azure Caribbean waters and the swaying palms of the exclusive Baha Mar Resort in the Bahamas is a winding outdoor waterpark offering fun for all ages. During the first phase of the resort’s amenities expansion, KHS&S was engaged to complete rockwork on an elaborate beachside fountain.

In phase two, the fountain became the marque to draw guests to the waterpark. A wave pool, kids’ area with slides and the Torrent River, a speedier version of the traditional lazy river, are the main attractions. A rock bridge spanning the river features a blow hole spraying water and entertaining guests. Setting the standards in themed finishes, KHS&S work scope included decorative rockwork, stucco, plaster, stain and paint for the elaborate $300M waterpark.

Because the job required specific materials and theming stains and paints, all items were sourced in the United States and shipped by container to the Bahamas. Extra parts for equipment were also shipped to rebuild or repair if needed as parts were not available locally and would require long lead times to procure. Conserving and accounting of all materials was crucial  since they could not be replenished. A site log was updated daily tracking and recording materials that were pulled from the supply.

Efficiency Through 3D Modeling, Scheduling and Engaging Local Workforce

The KHS&S design team completed 3D models and sketches giving a general idea of the rockwork placement and forms creating an open canvas for the artisans. Steel cages were constructed to form the contours of the rocks and boulders, the walls of the Torrent River, wave pool and other areas of the waterpark. The steel or existing surfaces were then overlayed with up to three inches of concrete, stucco or plaster and then stained or painted. As work progressed, photographs were taken and provided to the general contractor and architect for approval showing more detail including accent rocks, cracks and paint and stain variations. Gaining approval in real time throughout the project helped keep the square footage of rockwork within budget while creating the desired look.

KHS&S became the driving force at maintaining the construction schedule using Pull Planning Boards. KHS&S identified the deadline jobs needed to be completed for rockwork to begin and worked the schedule back, assigning deadlines to other trades. Additional rockwork and the spanning bridge not in the original plan and other setbacks such as heavy rains and COVID-19 required KHS&S to continually push the schedule.

KHS&S maintained a small team of highly skilled artisans, painters and sculptors for each phase and trained local craftsmen to assist. With extended periods of shut down due to the pandemic, engaging the local workforce was more cost effective than bringing teams in from the States as construction was paused and reopened. Hiring Bahamian labor also connected KHS&S to local resources for essentials such as ice, water, gasoline and hardware when the hotel and local businesses were on lockdown or operating within limited hours.

 Theming Services

  • Rockwork
  • Stucco
  • Plaster
  • Stain and paint
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