The KHS&S Culture

Large-Company Success; Small-Company Culture

KHS&S may have grown into one of the largest wall and ceiling contractors in the country, but it has never lost its start-up culture.  After 37 years in business, KHS&S still takes pride in direct communication, minimal bureaucracy, personal accountability and innovative problem-solving.  KHS&S teams are hands-on, and members do what it takes to earn a company win, even if it means jumping in to support areas that may be outside traditional job roles.  KHS&S hires best-in-their-class professionals who know their craft, know their limits and know that teamwork is essential to company success.

Take Your Dog to Work Day is a Celebrated Event

Realize Your Potential

Commit to Excellence

Clients select KHS&S because they want the best.  We hire professionals who have an inherit need to excel at their jobs, not because someone is watching, but because that is who they are. Whether working on a job site, in the office or remotely, KHS&S employees are dependable, self reliant and can be counted on to represent the company with the highest levels of competence, integrity and commitment to excellence.

Challenge the Norm

KHS&S culture means not being tied to the familiar, but rather openly challenging the “that’s the way it’s always been done” philosophy.  We are a Lean, continuous improvement company that welcomes new ideas, new methods and new approaches that allow employees to do their jobs better, safer, faster and with higher value.

Expand a Horizon

We know a positive work experience isn’t only about what’s in a job description. That’s why, in addition to skills-related training, we offer periodic opportunities to enhance creativity, improve self awareness or step outside a comfort zone and learn something new.