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Oldcastle Precast Inc. to Manufacture Prefabricated Bathrooms by Eggrock Modular Solutions


Licensing Agreement Creates North America’s Only National Prefabricated Bathroom Company

(LITTLETON, Mass. Aug. 1, 2012) - Innovative Modular Pre-Fabrication LLC dba Eggrock Modular Solutions and Oldcastle Precast Inc. today announced a licensing agreement that grants Oldcastle exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute Eggrock prefabricated bathroom pods throughout North America. The agreement combines the largest provider of prefabricated bathrooms in the U.S. with North America’s largest manufacturer of building products and materials and creates the industry’s only national prefabricated bathroom manufacturing company. Licensing was effective July 9.

“Prefabrication allows construction teams to build better, greener and more efficiently, and Eggrock Modular Solutions has become synonymous with quality prefabrication,” said Mark Keenan, chairman, KHS&S Contractors. “This important relationship exponentially increases the company’s manufacturing capacity and allows Eggrock Modular Solutions bathrooms to be brought to more job sites than ever before.” Eggrock Modular Solutions is an affiliate of KHS&S.

“We sought the right company to team with as we target the quickly expanding prefabrication market,” said Daniel Nyce, senior vice president/COO, Oldcastle Precast Inc. “Eggrock Modular Solutions fits perfectly with Oldcastle’s vision, quality directive and customer orientation.”

The agreement gives Eggrock access to Oldcastle’s manufacturing facilities across North America. In addition, new Eggrock manufacturing plants, including ones in Orlando, Fla. and Madera, Calif., are on the drawing board to meet growing demand.

Eggrock bathrooms will continue to be marketed under the Eggrock Modular Solutions brand. To date, more than 5,000 Eggrock bathrooms are installed in commercial projects across North America – more than the production of all other prefabricated bathroom companies combined.

Eggrock and Oldcastle management are working closely to ensure a seamless transition for employees and customers.

“Customers will continue to work with the same people and receive the same high level of service,” said Nyce. “We welcome Eggrock employees to the Oldcastle group of companies.”

Eggrock bathrooms provide customers a quality, turnkey solution to one of the largest problem areas on a construction job site. Using 3D, BIM-compliant modeling, Eggrock Modular Solutions’ bathroom design process assures that hundreds of components to a bathroom are integrated to fit perfectly into a project. Additionally, the company’s precision manufacturing and rigorous pre-delivery inspection process eliminate the on-site bathroom punch list, shaving up to three months off the construction schedule.
For more information or to arrange a WebEx on how to use Eggrock bathrooms on your project, contact Bill Seery at 978-486-9600.

About Eggrock Modular Solutions
Eggrock Modular Solutions is the leading provider of prefabricated bathrooms in North America. Using BIM and lean manufacturing technology, Eggrock works with customers from design to installation to produce custom, ready-to-install bathrooms for hotels, hospitals, military barracks and multi-unit residential projects. By replacing on-site bathroom construction, Eggrock accelerates the construction timeline, improves quality and eliminates the punch list for the most problem-ridden part of a construction project.

About Oldcastle Precast Inc.
Oldcastle Precast Inc. is the leading manufacturer of precast concrete, polymer concrete and plastic products in the United States. Oldcastle Precast Inc. has more than 80 locations nationwide.