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KHS&S-East Coast Sells Concrete Group Assets

TAMPA, FL) KHS&S Contractors-East Coast has sold the assets of the KHS&S Concrete Group to MH&M Construction, Inc., a new company owned in part by Hogan Herges. Herges, who ran the KHS&S Concrete Group since 1998, is now a principal of MH&M. MH&M is a separate corporation from KHS&S, in which KHS&S has no financial interest. "KHS&S' decision to no longer be in the concrete business is part of KHS&S-East Coast's overall business strategy of getting back to our core business of wall and ceiling construction and themed construction - the same services we have successfully offered for more than 20 years," said Michael Cannon, president, KHS&S-East Coast. "We are confident this strategy will allow us to provide even higher levels of quality and efficiency to our customers."

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Herges and his team will oversee the completion of the existing KHS&S Concrete Group projects. Some of those projects are being sub-contracted to MH&M, while others are being completed under the management of MH&M. "We will continue to work closely with Hogan and his team to complete all existing Concrete Group projects without interruption," said Cannon.

"Hogan has been an important part of our management team for the past ten years and has made significant contributions to our operations and to the overall growth of our company," said David Stowell, KHS&S Chairman and CEO. "We will miss having him in the KHS&S family."

Herges and MH&M Construction, Inc. can be reached at 813-888-7004.

Questions about the Concrete Group transaction or about any other KHS&S service can be directed to Michael Cannon at 813-628-9330.