Restoration Hardware (RH) Gallery

West Palm Beach, FL


After successfully completing the RH Gallery in Austin, Texas, KHS&S was awarded a second Restoration Hardware renovation in South Florida.

KHS&S provided the interior framing and drywall and exterior framing and stucco, which features a high-end unique plaster system with a  LaHabra® Santa Barbara Mission finish.

The 80,000-square-foot grand retail space define’s RH’s strategy to create an entirely new retail experience. The four-story facility, located in the center of an upscale shopping district, offers dramatic, light-filled galleries, outdoor courtyards, garden terraces, balconies, reflecting pool, fountain and a rooftop RH restaurant where KHS&S craftsmen created exquisite groin vaulted ceilings with a smooth  LaHabra® white finish.

The building’s rear facade is adorned with a 70-foot by a 140-foot-wide tone-on-tone art installation by RETNA, the Los Angeles-based artist known for interesting mashups of hieroglyphics, graffiti and Blackletter.


  • Interior framing
  • Exterior framing
  • Drywall
  • Stucco plaster system with LaHabra® Santa Barbara Mission finish