Oasis Resort & Casino

Gulfport, MS

A Rockwork Oasis for a Destination Resort

At the Oasis Resort & Casino, KHS&S transformed an ordinary swimming pool into a meandering island oasis.

In consultation with the project owners, architect and general contractor, KHS&S developed detailed shop drawings that guided team members through every phase of constructing this grotto-like water hideaway.

Using positive carved plaster finish to replicate more than 10,000 square feet of rockwork and hundreds of linear feet of piping to create the cascading waterfalls, KHS&S’ in-house craftsmen skillfully created a totally integrated natural environment that is nearly indistinguishable from Mother Earth’s own workmanship.


  • Rockwork
  • Water features
  • Positive carved plaster
  • Artificial lagoons
  • Grotto creation