Nemours Children’s Hospital

Orlando, FL


KHS&S used state-of-the-art building technology to create an interactive, playful environment for children as they receive the highest level of medical care.

The KHS&S preconstruction team used BIM to develop design templates for multiple architectural elements, including stylized ceilings, child-themed climbing walls, and structural framing for extensive interior areas. In addition to BIM modeling, KHS&S piloted Digital Production Control (DPC), a software program that allows interaction between estimating systems and field production. Using DPC, interactive man-hour models were tracked, updating cost and time values automatically as the project progressed. DPC could also be used to illustrate a wall detail or a repetitive building element, showing onscreen the number of man-hours that could be removed from the construction phase by coordinating its fabrication off-site.

To ensure consistency between the model and the job site, data was taken into the field through Motion Computing Tablets and Apple iPads.


  • Interior framing and drywall
  • Exterior framing
  • BIM
  • Digital Production Control (DPC)
  • Tablet technology


  • ABC Excellence in Construction Eagle Award (2013)