Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

Hollywood, FL

A New Exterior for a Regional Leader in Pediatric Medicine

What was started as a stucco project for a four-story vertical expansion evolved into a 44,000 square foot stucco demolition and application of a new 89,000 square foot stucco system on the hospital’s entire 8-story exterior.

A project consultant identified the existing stucco was failing and not adhering properly to the structure with visible cracking causing water intrusion. The stucco varied from 3/16 inches to 2 inches thick, which may have been the cause.

Demolition involved more than 80,000 square feet of scaffolding, reaching up to 120 feet, and nine swing stages equipped with protective safety netting for trapping and collecting debris to prevent materials from falling. A back net extending from the rooftop added a secondary layer of protection.

Once the stucco was removed, a survey was conducted with piano wire to check for levelness of the structure. Extensive pre-work and structural repair were completed so the substrate met consistent tolerances to allow the even application of stucco .  Stucco pumps increased production by moving materials over long distances while improving efficiency and uniformity.

With a flawed stucco system on the existing building, all eyes were on KHS&S to deliver a superior finish. An industry-leading stucco system with crack defense and moisture protection was applied. KHS&S followed a stringent quality control plan, which included a detailed checklist with photos taken during various stages of demolition, structure repair and stucco system application.

With raw material shortages impacting delivery, materials were ordered up to four months out and stored at a local warehouse. Pull Planning protocol was essential for scheduling on-site material delivery throughout the 15-month project.

Working at a children’s hospital required a high level of coordination between KHS&S, the general contractor, trade partners, hospital representatives and consultants to ensure the job was completed quickly, safely and met the highest standards with the least disruption. The team met weekly to discuss the upcoming schedule to address anticipated stoppages due to planned surgeries so work and labor could be efficiently planned.

Exterior Services

  • Stucco demolition
  • Substrate repair
  • Stucco system application