Prefabrication Saves Time and Increases Quality


When appropriate, we accelerate construction using prefabricated elements, prefabricated medical headwalls, prefabricated corridor rack walls and prefabricated interior and exterior wall systems.

Types of Prefabrication

Prefab Exterior Wall Panels

The KHS&S prefabricated exterior wall panel system offers a quick, efficient and durable alternative to the traditional enclosure of your project. The largest Dryvit installer in the U.S., we have installed prefabricated exterior wall panels for more than a decade.

Our project team develops complete shop drawings to ensure your panel system meets your project requirements and fits exactly as intended to eliminate costly delays, job site hassles and structural concerns. Although most of the panels we install are EIFS, we can construct prefabricated panels out of a variety of materials, including GFRC and brick veneers.

  • Speeds building enclosure
  • Provides fewer job site hassles
  • Fabricated to exact specifications
  • Fabricated in environmentally-controlled indoor facility or on site
  • Delivered ready to install
  • Completed in a multitude of exterior finishes
  • Perfect for commercial, retail, themed or hotel projects
  • Only subcontractor to receive an extended warranty from Dryvit
Prefabricated exterior wall panels image

Prefab Large Elements

KHS&S evaluates and reviews each project to establish opportunities for Large-Scale Element prefabrication. Building large-scale prefabricated elements requires detailed coordination to ensure that these elements properly coordinate on the jobsite with all the other trades. For this reason, coordination with on-site construction activities is crucial. KHS&S utilizes Building Information Modeling (BIM) in aiding installation and creating these large scale elements. By utilizing Large-Scale prefabricated elements, we are able to have a “Just-In-Time” delivery to the site.

Prefab Repeat Components

KHS&S prefabricated repeat building components can help accelerate the construction schedule, improve quality, control costs and reduce job site waste. Prefabricating building components off site, helps eliminate the hassles and headaches of punch lists, rework and crowded job sites. KHS&S has more than a decade of experience in prefabrication.

Prefab Rockwork

KHS&S has revolutionized the way large rockwork projects are designed, fabricated and installed with its proprietary Rockwork Panelization System. It’s a high-tech solution to a time-consuming, labor-intensive building process. Using scanning and proprietary software, we create digital representations of original rockwork designs. Data is then manipulated and broken down into sections to create individual building panels, which are then fabricated to exact dimensions, labeled and sent to the job site and installed. The result is precise and consistent replication of the original design.

Prefab Interior Walls

Saving time and reducing costly delays are two major reasons why KHS&S has become a trusted source for taking advantage of techniques that are in demand by the industry. Expertise in prefabricated interior walls means KHS&S is confident we can deliver on all fronts utilizing this approach.


Prefabricated steel image

Prefab Load-Bearing Steel Framing Systems

Pre-engineered and prefabricated systems substantially reduce framing time, allowing other trades to get on the job more quickly and faster completion of your project.

KHS&S offers a design-to-installation, engineered wall, floor and truss system produced off site and shipped to the job site. Our system offers quality control benefits, such as improved precision and fabrication in a controlled environment. Plus, our 3D modeling lets us identify design and building issues before your project breaks ground.

Corridor Rack Walls

Using BIM in concert with the MEP contractor and electrician, KHS&S can prefabricate corridor racks, expediting construction of these time-intensive building components. KHS&S develops the framing plan and fabricates the frame off-site. Once MEP contractors complete their work scopes, the wall assembly is attached to the frame and the completed unit is transported to the hospital, where it is installed.

  • Substantial schedule savings
  • Reduced on-site man-hours
  • Increased schedule flexibility
  • Better quality through controlled production environment
  • Enhanced MEP coordination
  • Fewer job site hassles and headaches

Medical Headwalls

KHS&S’ headwall units are delivered pre-piped and pre-wired, reducing the costs of plumbing and electrical installation. We will work with your project team to develop customized framing plans for headwall units that fit your stringent requirements. We then oversee the fabrication process in a highly controlled environment and install the framed openings for the units on-site. Once the headwalls are fabricated, KHS&S can quickly install them, moving the project even closer to completion.

  • Simplifies and speeds construction and installation
  • Plugs and outlets placed for convenient access
  • Customized by size and surface covering
  • Makes efficient use of limited space