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We Have a Plan to Keep Workers Safe

We are closely monitoring and assessing the impact of the spread of COVID-19.  KHS&S works in multiple states with different laws, guidance and job site impacts.  But we are unified in our goals to keep our workers, employees and communities safe, while minimizing disruption to ongoing projects.  This includes efforts to mitigate disruptions within material supply chains and impacts to the labor force that may occur during this unprecedented time.

Across the country, KHS&S has implemented action plans for all ongoing projects and all office locations. Plans identify steps we and our trade partners are taking to help us minimize the spread of COVID-19 and keep our workers and the communities safe. Plans follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), OSHA and state and federal mandates.  They are also consistent with action plans implemented by project general contractors.

 Communication regarding specific job site protocols is being handled by senior leadership in individual offices. Workers working remotely have the technology and procedures in place to provide a seamless transition in service to all our clients and vendors. KHS&S also has a long history of working from distant job site locations, so we are prepared to shift strategies easily as circumstances pertaining to the virus dictate. 

 Above all, be assured we are committed to keep communication open and our company moving forward as we work through this challenge together.

 Thank you for your help and cooperation.