Ricardo Vidal, Safety Manager, Orlando, FL

When Ricardo Vidal joined KHS&S, his family grew exponentially.

Already, his family was big, with 17 aunts and uncles, and four siblings.

Now, Ricardo looks at KHS&S employees and subcontractors as his extended family, too. “They come in safely each day, and I want to see them go home safe and sound, too,” he says.

So, Ricardo teaches the KHS&S way, which means a commitment to abide by the rules, and no cutting corners.

He takes his job personally, as regional safety manager covering a 50-mile radius around the greater Orlando area.

Being from his big family – where many of Ricardo’s relatives have a background in construction – has helped him in this business, especially in relating to the employees and subcontractors on job sites.

He is careful to “speak their language.” That could be literally, using his bilingual background to speak Spanish with any employees and subcontractors whose first language is Spanish. It’s also figuratively, as he uses terms people easily understand and breaks down information so it’s clear.

Ricardo speaks the language when it comes to the work being done, too. He’s been a pipe fitter, electrician, iron worker, painter, and framer, so he understands many of the tasks that are happening on the job site.

“I started as laborer, pushing wheel carts around and picking up trash, to now being a regional safety manager,” says Ricardo. “I appreciate the opportunity that KHS&S has entrusted me with.”

Since he’s always done hands-on work, he stays hands-on in his role as safety manager, too.

“My job is to pay attention to everything, even the smaller aspects, and predict the unpredictable,” he says. “Then we put protective measures in place. I take ownership of that responsibility and am trusted to make the correct call.”

In his free time, Ricardo likes to take his jet ski out into the water or go off-roading in a side-by-side ATV.

He says he loves his job as a safety manager, spending time with co-workers and seeing all the job sites where KHS&S projects are being built.

“It’s important to have fun and laugh,” says Ricardo. “There’s a time to be serious, and a time to just enjoy being around people.”