Volcano Bay

Universal Orlando Resort, Orlando, FL

KHS&S’s Theming Signature from Start to Finish

KHS&S was contracted to complete rockwork, plaster and tile, theme painting, decorative roof structures, and framing & sheathing for Universal Orlando Resort’s Volcano Bay water park. Volcano Bay features four themed areas: Krakatau, Wave Village, River Village and Rainforest Village.  Each area provides attractions for guests with a unique, Polynesian-inspired experience.  Water rides, interactive play areas, restaurants and winding rivers make for a fun, family vacatio

Using concepts and sketches provided by Universal Studios, KHS&S designed every aspect of the project, excluding rockwork. KHS&S called on its extensive design-assist and design development expertise to create accurate and detailed working drawings that construction teams used in the field to seamlessly take the project from concept to delivery while meeting Universal’s design intent.

KHS&S theming professionals helped create the water park’s Polynesian-inspired temple buildings, water ride environments and main entrance pieces by working with a variety of materials including plaster, steel, and tile.  KHS&S theming experience was crucial in selecting and manipulating the building media to not only create a durable and immersive guest experience, but also mechanically accommodate the water park’s extensive use of water and fog effects.

Craftsmanship for Large-Scale Project Delivery

KHS&S rockwork in the Lazy River Tunnel, kid’s play area, and other areas was created from steel caging, plaster, and theme painting to Universal Studios’ design.  At the time of construction, it was one of the largest rockwork projects in the state. The Lazy River Tunnel alone required 13,000 sq. ft. of rockwork intricately mixed with tile to create a decorative ceiling that enhances the attraction’s fiber optics. For the park’s main ride, KHS&S craftsmen meticulously installed tile amidst water weirs and other effects, knowing that precise placement was necessary to achieve the right blend of aesthetics and mechanics. Precision placement of rockwork, tile, plaster and theme painting was also required around geysers in the kid’s play area and around water jets and fog machines that surround the park’s interactive tiki huts.


KHS&S completed themed interior and exterior work on various structures including:

  • Sculpted and painted rockwork on the Lazy River Tunnel, kid’s play area, water rides, main entrance, and “Frog Legs” at one of the park’s restaurants
  • Carved plaster and tile on the park’s temple buildings, water rides, and Lazy River Tunnel
  • Decorative roof structures
  • Caged and/or carved structures including boat hulls at two bar locations, acrylic bowl fountain at the water temple, and standalone interactive tiki huts
  • Framing and sheathing to create substrate at temple buildings
  • Theme painting of carved structures