Amazon Air Cargo Hub

Lakeland, FL

A Big Project for a Retail Giant

The e-commerce giant’s new air cargo hub is spread across 47 acres on the grounds of Lakeland Linder International Airport. The three structures house Amazon workers and cargo operations. The air cargo hub and sorting facility, Amazon’s largest in the southeast, features a 223,000-square-foot warehouse connected to the airport. Here packages are received, sorted, stored and loaded on trucks for delivery to the fulfillment center just minutes away. A ground service equipment and maintenance warehouse is home to an in-house repair shop for Amazon’s fleet of vehicles, and a services building has offices for Amazon personnel.

The KHS&S project scope on this massive facility included exterior metal framing, interior metal framing, drywall hanging and finishing, acoustical ceiling tiles and installation of operable wall partitions. The project’s three structures required 300,000 square feet of drywall. To complete interior framing and drywall working at heights of up to 46 feet, KHS&S used 60-foot lifts to increase efficiency and safety. Stair scaffolding was erected to provide a level work surface while constructing and finishing stairwell walls with varying heights and to assist crews in maneuvering around angles of the multi-level stairwell.

Amazon’s aggressive schedule for project completion required KHS&S crews work extended days and weekends. KHS&S was able to provide cost-effective and timely solutions to keep this job on schedule. A project that would typically take at least eight months to complete was delivered in just five months.

Interior Services

  • Metal framing
  • Drywall hanging and finishing
  • Acoustical ceiling tiles
  • Operable wall partitions installation

Exterior Services

  • Metal framing