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Future Engineer Sabrina McCoin Gained Important Insight at KHS&S: The Value of Investing the Time to Do the Job Right.

Middleton High School Engineering Magnet student Sabrina McCoin took a big step in her career development earlier this summer. Inspired by construction-focused video games like House Flipper, she accepted a summer job as a Design Phase Assistant in KHS&S’s preconstruction / themed services division in Tampa. Joined by two school program classmates, Sabrina saw first-hand the intricacy and time involved in successfully building large projects. She also learned the importance of investing the time to do a job the right way from the start.

The summer work opportunity is part of KHS&S’s commitment to promote and support construction careers in local markets they serve.

Meet Sabrina and learn more about her KHS&S experience and how she wants to contribute to the industry in the future.

When did you become interested in construction design?

I have been studying and interested in robotics for years, so I knew I was interested in engineering. But I learned I wanted to go into construction when I started playing video games like The Sims and House Flipper.

What do you like best about construction design?

I like the scale of construction and how many details go into creating a single building.

What have you enjoyed most about your time at KHS&S?

I most enjoyed getting to be part of projects that people will always remember their time being there.

What is the most important thing you have learned at KHS&S that will help you in the future?

The most important thing I have learned is how to apply concepts I have learned in school to real-life projects I’ve been working on here or plan on working on in the future.

Did you encounter any surprises about the field of study or about working in general during your time at KHS&S?

I was surprised just how much time and effort a team of people put into a single building!

What challenged you the most?

My biggest challenge was trying to figure out the proper way to approach and complete tasks. But I think I got better at it as time at KHS&S progressed.

What is your next career goal?

I plan on attending college for civil engineering.

Do you have any advice for other students?

My best advice to other students is to always try to do your work properly and the right way instead of taking the lazy or fast way out.

About Middleton High School’s Academy of Engineering

Hillsborough County’s Academy of Engineering at Middleton High School is a nationally recognized pre-engineering curriculum of Project Lead the Way ( Courses in this rigorous curriculum include: Introduction to Engineering, Principes of Engineering, Digital Electronics, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Civil Engineering / Architecture, Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Design & Development. Students use the same industry-leading 3D design software used by companies like Intel, Lockheed Martin and Pixar, such as Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD.