Michael Rebish Safety Manager, Atlantic City, NJ

Growing up in resort-dotted Atlantic City on New Jersey’s coast, Michael Rebish watched impressive, large-scale structures going up all around him.

The area, known for its many casinos, wide beaches and iconic Boardwalk, is also home to the New Jersey office of KHS&S, a company Rebish always heard great things about.

Little did he know that one day he’d be working with KHS&S and contributing to the city’s skyline. He joined the New Jersey office starting as an estimator three years ago.

“KHS&S is a well-known company in the South Jersey area, so when the opportunity to work here became available, I didn’t hesitate to say yes,” said Rebish, safety manager/estimator. “I had actually worked at one of the casinos KHS&S was involved with before coming here, and I always thought its projects in the area had a huge ‘wow’ factor that was more than impressive.”

With certifications in AutoCAD and BIM, and expertise in contract docs, drawings and estimating, Rebish is used to working with complicated blueprints. That precise training has given him a keen eye for details which is especially helpful on a job site, making sure the high KHS&S safety standards are being followed.

“Cutting corners to get a job finished quickly is just not how we work,” explained Rebish. “Our teams know this, so that makes my onsite visits with project managers and job foremen  run smoothly since we all share the same goal – making sure everyone goes home safely.”

In his off-the-clock time, Rebish says spending time with his very active five-year old daughter, MaKenzie , is his favorite pastime. “She’s into biking, sports and she loves dance and music, and I just try to keep up with her,” said Rebish. One interest they both share is music. “She really loves music, and since I play the guitar and she enjoys dancing, we keep each other entertained.”

Rebish says it’s especially meaningful for him to have the opportunity to become more involved with the company he admired from afar. He’s looking forward to increasing his knowledge and on-the-job training about the construction industry from the ground up.