Gerber Gomez Regional Safety Manager

Communication just comes naturally to Gerber Gomez, Regional Safety Manager, South Florida. In fact, in college he studied speech communication, radio broadcasting with a minor in Spanish and worked as an on-air radio broadcaster.

“I just always wanted to help people, so being on the radio, volunteering in church as a youth leader and working as a social worker gave me a chance to talk, listen and provide a helping hand to those in need,” says Gomez.

After owning his own residential remodeling company for five years, he said the transition to KHS&S was exciting since he wanted to learn about the commercial side of the business.

Gomez started with the company in 2017 as a mechanic, moved up to supervisor and was promoted to regional safety manager Jan. 2023 based out of Pompano Beach.

“I’m a firm believer in leading by example, and my door’s always open,” said Gomez. “Whether someone is looking for advice, needs a shoulder to lean on to just talk or has any questions about the job, my motivation is to have every worker on every job site continue to create a great safety culture so we can all go home safely to our loved ones.”

Married to Wendy with two adult daughters, when he’s not on the job his family is always planning weekend trips usually to the beach. “I’m fine staying home and enjoy fixing or repairing anything around the house, but they tell me to pack my bags and we’re off making fun memories.”

Gómez was born in Guatemala City and moved to the United States living in Boston and Chicago until 1999. On a trip back to his home country, he met his wife and they chose to make Florida their home.

“My other family is my KHS&S team,” said Gomez. “We spend so much time together, and I’m very proud of what we’re accomplishing every day making sure that job sites are safe and looking out for one another’s well-being.”