Employee Ownership

We are Not Just Growing Our Careers... We are Building Our Futures

KHS&S-West Coast was founded under the philosophy that hard work, innovation and treating customers and employees like they wanted to be treated were the keys to building a successful company.  The idea of growing the organization through empowering employees and expanding their vision and capabilities became a cornerstone of the KHS&S culture.

In 2006, the KHS&S-West Coast Board of Directors cemented this philosophy by introducing the KHS&S employee stock ownership plan (ESOP,) making KHS&S-West Coast an employee-owned company.

To the nearly 200 employee owners, this means that they are not just growing their careers, they are building their futures.

Each employee owner now has a bigger stake in the game, a new level of personal pride with the completion of every project.  They also have a higher level of accountability that is shown in how they do their jobs, how they work with customers and how they work with each other.

Employee ownership also helps create an environment of personal responsibility, not only for the company and for their work they do, but for the communities where they work and live. This is a responsibility they take seriously, contributing time, talents and dollars to build better communities as they build stronger futures for themselves and their families.