KHS&S Completes a Mountain of a Project

KHS&S has just completed a remarkable rockwork structure for California’s second largest themepark. The 12-acre themed land was constructed as part of a $1.1 billion expansion plan for the themepark. As the main attraction, the rockwork structure and ride will take up about half of the land and is so large that it becomes the backdrop for the entire park.

Notably, the 280,000-square-foot structure is the largest single rockwork project in the United States. The height of the “mountain range” eclipses 125 feet while the massive width extends beyond 44 feet. The attraction consists of 4,000 tons of steel with 23,000 pieces assembled to the steel structure.

KHS&S completed both the design and construction with some of the industry’s most innovative technology. The technology contributed to the coordinating and assembling of more than 8,000 rebar/mesh panel pieces to attach to the steel support structure. Additionally, large sections of the rockwork were painted to resemble a lake, the inspiration behind the mountain range.