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Social Media Policy KHS&S Contractors


The following policy governs the use of social networking websites such as blogs, podcasts, discussion forums, and social networks, including but not limited to, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Yelp, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and other such websites (collectively “Social Networking Sites”), as well as weblogs (“blogs”), by Company employees. The purpose of this policy is to provide KHS&S employees with requirements for participation in Social Networking Sites and blogs, including KHS&S blogs, and in non-KHS&S Social Networking Sites, which the employee’s of KHS&S affiliation is known, identified, or presumed.

The Company recognizes that Social Networking Sites and blogs are popular and may be used for both social and business purposes. This policy is not meant to restrict an employee’s use of Social Networking Sites and/or blogs for purely personal reasons where the employee does not identify himself or herself as an employee of the Company.

The Company does however have an interest in protecting its image and reputation in the community. For this reason, the Company expects that you will conduct yourself in a professional manner and exercise good judgment when using a Social Networking Site and/or blog in which you are known, identified, or presumed to be a Company employee. Your identification as a Company employee includes reference to the Company as your place of employment or any other information that could lead a reasonable person to associate you with the Company.

Employees are strictly prohibited from listing their Company e-mail address on their profile unless the Social Networking Site or blog is used purely for Company business and advance approval has been obtained from a representative of Executive Management.

Employees identified as Company employees are prohibited from using Social Networking Sites and/or blogs for any unlawful purpose or to disparage or defame any person, business, product or organization. Specifically prohibited is the use of Social Networking Sites and/or blogs in any manner that violates the Company’s policy against unlawful harassment, including sexual harassment. By way of example, employees may not transmit messages or post material that is sexually suggestive or explicit, pornographic, obscene or sexually offensive, nor may employees transmit messages or post material that is insulting or offensive to any person, including insults or slurs based on race, sex, gender, age, national origin or ancestry, religion, disability, sexual orientation or any other category protected under law. Employees are further prohibited from transmitting messages or posting material that threatens harm to another person or exposes private information of any person or confidential or proprietary information of the Company.

In addition to the foregoing requirements, the following additional requirements must be followed when using websites hosted by KHS&S:

• Social Networking Sites and/or blogs: Employees are expected to adhere to KHS&S compliance requirements and general principles of responsibility and ethics when using or participating in social media. All the rules that apply to other KHS&S communications apply here, specifically: respecting members, customers and one another; protecting confidentiality, privacy and security; and safeguarding and proper use of KHS&S assets.

• Be Respectful: Employees may not post any material that is obscene, defamatory, profane, libelous, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful, or embarrassing to another person or entity when posting to KHS&S-hosted sites.

With specific regard to websites hosted and preapproved by KHS&S that focus on subjects related to the organization, the following must be followed:

• Obtain pre-approval before setting up KHS&S-hosted sites. Employees must seek approval from a representative of Executive Management before setting up a KHS&S-hosted blog or other social media site.
• Abide by the law and respect copyright laws. Employees may not post content or conduct any activity that fails to conform to any and all applicable state and federal laws. For KHS&S’s and our employees’ protection, it is critical that everyone abide by the copyright laws by ensuring that they have permission to use or reproduce any copyrighted text, photos, graphics, video or other material owned by others.

With specific regard to websites not hosted by KHS&S, the additional following requirements must be followed:

• Proprietary Information: Employees may not disclose any confidential or proprietary information of or about KHS&S, its affiliates, vendors, or suppliers, including but not limited to business and financial information, represent that they are communicating the views of KHS&S, or do anything that might reasonably create the impression that they are communicating on behalf of or as a representative of KHS&S.

• Self-Hosted Sites: Employees must not say or suggest that the views and opinions they express are related to KHS&S views or represent the official views of KHS&S.

Finally, all KHS&S employees are expected to adhere to the following requirements when when engaging online:

• Make every effort to add value. Provide worthwhile information and perspective. KHS&S is best represented by its people and what you publish may reflect on all of us.
• Respect your audience. The right time to jump in to a conversation is when your contribution can provide value or a solution.
• You are responsible. You are personally responsible for the content you publish on any form of user-generated media. Be mindful that what you publish will be public for a long time; protect your privacy, as well as ours. Respect copyright, fair use and financial disclosure laws.
• Your identity matters. Identify yourself and your role within the Company when you discuss KHS&S or KHS&S-related matters. Make it clear that the views expressed are yours and they do not represent the views of KHS&S. Know and follow our general business conduct guidelines.
Employees should expect that any information created, transmitted, downloaded, exchanged or discussed on Social Networking Sites and/or blogs may be accessed by the Company at any time without prior notice. Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.