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PanelMax is a portable machine that provides a quicker and more affordable way of creating intricate shapes and assemblies from drywall. Using the machine gives the finisher square, crisp corners without using corner bead.

“You don’t need tape, you don’t need mud,” said Rich Pollicino, senior vice president in KHS&S's South Florida office.  “When you subtract all these different things out, you get better production.”

PanelMax is especially useful in constructing soffits at higher elevations and decorative coffered ceilings. The results - straight edges and square corners that require no further finishing - have won glowing approval from owners, architects and executives.

“They were looking and saying these joints were unbelievable,” Pollicino said. “And we’re saving money, so it’s win-win.”

Because a PanelMax job requires fewer tapers and finishers, it saves money for the company and time for superintendents trying to meet tight deadlines. The milling machine also provides an answer to the shortage of expert drywall finishers, many of whom left the trade during the collapse of the building industry after 2008.

“I’m able to use fewer finishers,” Pollicino said. “Since the machine is so precise, the finished product requires only small touch-ups.”