Continuous Mud-Pumping Machines

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Continuous Mud-Pumping Machines KHS&S Projects


Drywall continuous mud-pumping machines are paying for themselves in terms of higher efficiency and quicker finishing of large-area surfaces. The machines, which eliminate refill trips back to a mud pump, can increase drywall finishing production by up to 75 percent. They also reduce fatigue because workers don’t have to handle the weight of traditional drywall taping tools filled with mud compound.

The flow of mud is controlled by radio frequency technology that allows the craftsman to control the pump from the tool’s handle, without wires. The continuous flow eliminates burping and pressure builds. The unit includes an air-tight lid that preserves the compound overnight.

“The tool continuously pumps mud to your machine, so you don’t have to stop until you run out of tape,” said Rich Pollicino, senior vice president in KHS&S's South Florida office. “So, when you have a large area with a lot of sheetrock ahead of your finishers, you don’t have to stop.”

The result, Pollicino explains, is less down time, another goal of Lean construction. Using the traditional methods, the finisher would have to continuously reload his bazooka. During that interval, the tradesman wiping down excess mud must stop.

Pollicino said workers’ embracing the new technology is crucial to achieve maximum savings and quality finishes.

“I had push back at first with this machine,” Pollicino said, “but the results are making the point that this is a process that is here to stay.”