Annunciation Catholic Church

Altamonte Springs, Florida


Annunciation Catholic Church Altamonte Springs, Florida


When the parish of Annunciation Catholic Church outgrew its main sanctuary, they called on KHS&S to complete the interiors and exteriors of the new 28,500-square-foot, 1500-seat sanctuary.

The project features multiple interior arches that line the sides of the main sanctuary and continue along a magnificent compound radius wall that delineates the rear of the sanctuary from the vestibule.  

The building exterior is marked by multiple roof pitches and two bell towers.  Multiple arches adorn the building’s entry and perimeter, consistent with the building’s interior.  The building’s exterior is structural steel covered with EIFS and stucco.

KHS&S constructed all interiors and exteriors, including metal stud framing, 12,000 square feet of stucco, 87,000 square feet of drywall and 30,000 square feet of EIFS.  In addition, KHS&S conducted preconstruction value engineering to determine materials and processes to allow the sanctuary to be built within budget. 

KHS&S also installed 2,300 linear feet of pre-coated foam – expanded polystyrene foam coated with Dryvit, mesh and basecoat – to economically and efficiently create the interior ceiling beams. 

Services Provided

metal stud framing, drywall, stucco, EIFS, pre-coated foam, value engineering






  • ABC Excellence in Construction Eagle Award (2002)
  • FWCCA Award of Excellence (2002)