Construction Solutions

We’re All About CONSTRUCTION Solutions

The KHS&S design-assist process is simple: Evaluate client needs and present solutions.

  • Assess architectural and client needs
  • Attend design meetings to clarify intent
  • Perform design coordination & issue resolution
  • Produce architectural construction drawings to augment project drawings
  • Produce structural engineering / design drawings to support architecture
  • Define means and methods of construction
  • Review code compliance
  • Participate in drawing review and monitor project design
  • Help identify potential project savings 

Operational Development

At KHS&S we strive to respond rapidly to change, meet customer needs and maximize our resources. We have an established Operational Development team within our organization, to train and educate all KHS&S employees. By establishing consistent, repeatable methodologies that reduce risk, cut waste and provide a competitive advantage, our Operational Development team is giving our employees the tools necessary to keep even the toughest project on track.