Continuous Improvement (Lean)

With the growing complexity of construction, it is often asked, what is KHS&S doing to deliver a low cost, high quality and on schedule project with a focus on safety? Our focus has shifted towards implementing a Lean Culture. For KHS&S Lean is not a “shiny new object”, it is becoming our way of conducting business.

How Are We Doing It

KHS&S has been “leaning” out projects since the early 90's and like many firms this was considered Lean construction. More than a decade later, a greater focus was shifted from “leaning” out a project (prefabrication, logistical and schedule improvements, etc.) to memorializing a commitment to a Lean Culture. Creating a culture of trust through KHS&S’ Lean Values and Principles.  


Respect every individual and support them by providing the correct tools and relevant information needed to perform their work.

Educating our team in understanding how to increase Added Value by eliminating waste with a comprehension of nonvalue but necessary waste.

Lean Values

Guided by the following four (4) Lean values, KHS&S continues its excellence:

RESPECT FOR EVERY INDIVIDUAL - is at the core of KHS&S' culture. This respect must be shown through all of the project teams and support of project teams. An engaged and satisfied workforce produces superior results on all levels.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT - from fostering 2 second improvements to identifying large scale prefabrication opportunities, the teams are always looking for better ways to perform.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP - developing and providing our leadership with an understanding to service and empower others to become better at what they do, to achieve greater levels of skill and ability, and become better, more productive people in the process.

VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER - learning and listening to our customers, both internally and externally, to capture their expectations, preferences and aversions.

Lean Tools

STAND UP MEETINGS – daily huddles at project sites to discuss what we accomplished yesterday, what are we doing today and what are we planning to do tomorrow.

LEAN CERTIFICATIONS – a three tiered certification process that challenges the team to advance in their understanding and practice of Lean construction.

WASTE WALKS – focused effort to identify areas / operations to add value by mitigating waste. These daily walks are performed by field supervision and are tracked to focus on the 8 types of waste. This helps us identify waste, safety and areas of quality.

LEAN STAND UP BOARDS - a platform for all major trades to get involved in planning and Lean sessions to create the most benefit for the project as a whole. KHS&S’ field supervision and crews develop/participate in pull planning sessions, weekly work plans, weekly work plan maps, and progress maps with the General Contractor and affected MEPs to discuss sequencing, milestones, and safety. On the project site, KHS&S utilizes Lean Stand-Up Boards (per each crew in the field) to illustrate these weekly work plan maps and daily production goals. These boards are visible to the entire project team and are discussed daily at the stand-up meetings. This visual management tool acts as a scoreboard for all of our employees to see how we are performing as a project team. 

IMPROVEMENTS UPON INDUSTRY AND CUSTOM EQUIPMENT - Customized equipment such as chop saw tables, push boxes and buggies.