Continuous Improvement (LEAN)

Continous improvement has been a part of the KHS&S fabric since inception. Its no more evident than the KHS&S tagline; To Do Everything Better. Specific to Lean, KHS&S has been leaning out projects since the early 90's and like many firms, this was considered lean construction. More than a decade later, a greater focus was shifted from leaning out a project (prefabrication, logistical and schedule improvements, etc.) to memorializing a commitment to a Lean Culture. 

The KHS&S Lean Culture


Having seen the best results from the field, KHS&S recognizes that the lean culture starts with all team members, from laborers to office personnel. By empowering team member, a vehicle is created for improving communication and fostering ideas. Specifically, construction crews that install the work utilize the Daily Stand-Up Board meetings to communicate and nurture ideas on how to decrease waste and provide better planning.

Operations and preconstruction teams continue to develop a lean culture as great strides have been made towards implementing lean tools such as Planned Percent Complete (PPC) forms and utilizing 2-second lean ideas.

Fostering a Lean Culture at the Field Level


KHS&S has seen best results from the field. This approach provides a platform for all major trades to get involved planning and lean sessions to create the most benefit for the project as a whole. KHS&S’ field supervision and crews develop/participate in pull planning sessions, weekly work plans, weekly work plan maps, and progress maps with the General Contractor and affected MEPs to discuss sequencing, milestones, and safety. On the project site, KHS&S utilizes Lean Stand-Up Boards (per each crew in the field) which illustrate these weekly work plan maps and daily production goals. These boards are visible to the entire project team and are discussed daily at the stand-up meetings. 

Lean, BIM and Sustainability


Waste and inefficiency are huge problems in the construction industry and are unsustainable in terms of the environment and the economy. A large portion of this inefficiency is due to site rework caused by poorly coordinated working drawing sets. Every change order that costs the owner, but doesn’t add to the project dollar value, results in wasted resources. And every wasted move on a job site is wasted energy and materials, potentially adding to the waste stream. KHS&S works at the heart of this problem by eliminating the source of the problem – documents that are inconsistent – replacing them with complete, coordinated ones.

KHS&S Lean Tools


KHS&S currently utilizes and continue to evaluate numerous Lean Construction tools. In addition to the Last Planner System (LPS), these include:

// Work Progress Map
// Lean Suggestion Log
// Weekly Plan Percent Complete
// Weekly Lean Assessment Sheets
// Weekly work plan (WWP)
// Constraint log
// Site Material Map Locations
// Project Resource Office (PRO)
// Stand-Up Boards
// Customized equipment such as chop saw tables, push boxes and buggies

And these processes to carry forward continuous improvements:
// Training and Teaching Curriculum
// Daily stand up meetings
// Lean Project Assessments
// Takt Time Planning
// Built-in-Quality (BIQ)
// First Run Studies (FRS)